My approach to content design and content strategy

Approach icons created by dDara — Flaticon
A Venn diagram with three overlapping circles labeled as Tron, Marie Kondo, and The Lorax.

Tron: “I fight for the users.”

Marie Kondo: “Does it spark joy?”

  • “The best way to emphasize something is to have less other stuff.”
  • “This is just a hurdle for the user while they are on their way to what they really want.”
  • “Our target user isn’t going to care about this. Is it very important to you that it remains?”

The Lorax: “I speak for the trees.”



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Micheal Foley

Micheal Foley

Car-free. Content designer. Content strategist. Backpacker. Bicyclist. Art lover. Volunteer. Veteran. St. Paul, MN.