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Micheal Foley
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As an in-house content professional at a state government agency, I’m creating this list as a resource for myself (but I’m hoping others might find it helpful as well). As I learn more and more about content strategy and content design, I’m begin to crave resources more specific to the public sector. I need a list of people to follow on social media, newsletters to subscribe to, podcasts to listen to, communities to join, wikis to contribute to, etc.

This is an ever-living, ever-evolving list, I’m hoping to build it out a lot more over time. Though there are countless excellent content professionals who work at agencies that do work for government clients, I’m hoping to limit this list to content professionals who are actually government employees.

Help me build this list!

Submit your suggestions for additions and edits in the comments.

Sarah Winters (was Richards)

Sarah inspired countless content professionals in both the public and private sectors with her industry-defining work on GOV.UK. I first met Sarah at a Confab workshop in 2018.

Katherine Spivey

Katherine works for and runs the Plain Language Community of Practice. She puts on the Plain Language Summit every year.

Gord Roberts

Gord works at the Bank of Canada. I first heard Gord speak at Confab in 2018 (or maybe it was 2019).

José Vejarano

José works for the IRS in the U.S. federal government. Jose gave a stirring keynote talk at Confab in 2021 (or maybe it was 2020).

Anita Cheng

Anita works for the City/County of San Francisco in California. I met Anita at Confab in 2018 (or maybe it was 2019).

Mai Ling-Garcia

Mai used to work for the City of Oakland in California, and now she’s the digital director for the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation. Mai gave a great talk at Confab in 2018 about how to build equity directly into digital content experiences.

Aviva Oskow

Aviva works for 18F. I met Aviva at a Confab after party in 2019, after she gave a great talk about plain language and simple design.

Amanda Costello

Amanda works remotely for 18F in Minneapolis. I met Amanda at Confab in 2018 (or maybe it was 2019).

Jennie Delisi

Jennie is an accessibility analyst for Minnesota IT Services. Jennie is a colleague of mine in Minnesota state government, and I see her advice and commentary often in her newsletters and on our internal communications channels.

Lynne Figg

Lynne works for the City of Minneapolis. I connected with Lynn in a Confab virtual breakout room in 2020.



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